The Direct Giving Model

Each year, tens of millions of Americans are thrust into an unexpected personal financial crisis due to a sudden job loss, medical problem, catastrophic event, vehicle breakdown, or countless other life events. If gone unsupported, they can quickly find themselves in a downward spiral that can lead to bankruptcy, utility shutoffs, loss of housing, foregone medications, hunger and more.

COVID has added fuel to the flame and the need for financial assistance has reached unprecedented levels. The supply of financial assistance available through grants and government assistance remains insufficient relative to the need across America and nonprofits lacked an effective solution for engaging donors and processing a large volume of requests. The current tools and approaches for providing financial assistance to neighbors in need are outdated, inefficient and far too restrictive.

The NeighborRelief fundraising platform is the first and only solution where donors can search for a qualified neighbor in need and contribute directly to their phone bills, utilities, food or rent. Then, we transfer donor gifts directly to the appropriate service provider to avoid service shutoffs and evictions, or to fulfill other types of needs. This creates a fast, efficient and secure process while allowing nonprofit staff to spend more time helping neighbors overcome underlying barriers to a better life.

We are launching NeighborRelief with the ability to fulfill the following types of needs:











Service Providers

NeighborRelief is proud to work with a variety of partners to connect, support and uplift our neighbors and communities.