NeighborRelief was created by GroundWork group. At GroundWork group, we’re known for working directly with the nonprofit community to develop innovative, custom technology solutions that drive social impact.

We’ve partnered with hundreds of nonprofits across 38 states to solve unique problems using technology, ranging from custom program management software to fundraising systems that have raised over $250 million from 60 countries. We’re energized by new challenges and opportunities to develop innovative, impactful solutions like NeighborRelief.


We created NeighborRelief in Spring 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the number of Neighbors in need of financial assistance to unprecedented levels. Interviews and focus groups with dozens of Ohio nonprofits highlighted the manual, inefficient processes of financial assistance and the need for more modern ways to engage donors.

NeighborRelief was built with nonprofit needs in mind as much as Neighbor needs—the platform is designed to be intuitive for nonprofits to use, and personalized training is provided to each nonprofit as they are onboarded into our partner network. NeighborRelief is completely free for nonprofits.


Uplifting Neighbors through direct support from the community is what NeighborRelief is designed to do, but there’s more to it than that. Providing our nonprofit partners with tools to be more efficient allows them to stay focused on their missions and use their time to do what they do best.

There’s also good research to back up the idea that when you help someone else, you help yourself. Improved mental health, longevity, and increased sense of purpose are all associated with giving to others. With innovative tools to help community members connect more personally to nonprofits and the Neighbors they serve, our communities can strengthen through giving as well as receiving.


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